Transcription: Meet the Doctor & Learn About the Latest Dental Implant Technologies

Dr. Jonathan Waasdorp: I fell in love with the field of periodontics and dental implants. I work with a lot of people. The kind of thing that sets it apart is a lot of artistry involved with it. So you know, a lot of these patients are missing teeth, and you’re recreating what their teeth and their bite should look like, so there’s a very artistic component with it, which is very enjoyable. I’m extremely proud of what we do here.

One of the special things we do in periodontics is just saving teeth, and it’s one of the most rewarding things for me. You know, a lot of these patients, they’ve been told by other practitioners that they have to lose their teeth, and the gum disease is so severe. A lot of them put off treatment because they’re fearful of it.

So I think that’s really one of the rewarding things that patients have come here, they’re expecting to lose a lot of their teeth and then we can save them. We can do so now using the Laser in a very minimally invasive fashion. We try to really create a warm and friendly environment where patients almost feel that they’re family or friends when they come in here. My staff are all super sweet and they’re wonderful people, and I think they do an excellent job from when the patients walk into the door, to ensure that everything that goes on in this office is a pleasurable experience for them.

We want it to be as painless as possible, as quick as possible, and really provide patients with a solution that’s gonna improve their quality of life.

Traditionally with implants, patients who have had their teeth extracted, wait a few months, have the implants placed, and then 4 to 6 months after, they get the set of teeth. That was a really long, drawn out thing, and a lot of times they have to wear removable prosthesis during that time, which did not function well, they have taken it in and out.

Using the CAT scan and other modern technologies, we have the capability now to put the implants in and a full set of fixed teeth the same day. So these patients are never without teeth, and they get a full set of functional, aesthetic fixed teeth the same day as the actual implant procedure.

A lot of patients that are coming here are terminal. They’ve been to a lot of practitioners, you know, they’ve been getting told with various things. They’ve lost a lot of teeth and they’re frustrated. And I think with this office – myself and my staff, we provide dental implants that are truly life-changing!

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  1. Mary

    Thank you for sharing this information regarding cosmetic dentistry and teeth whitening. I would love to share also some information regarding dental implants and dental veneers. Dental implants is the best way to replace missing teeth as it acts like a natural teeth, also dental veneers is the best way to whiten once teeth. Thank you

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